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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Troke Update

Hot of the heels of yesterday's announcement, I've taken the Troke game that I uploaded to Thingiverse and added a board that you can buy on Ponoko.
You don't need it to play, but it is super cool and it comes apart for easy storage.

I predict a number of these sorts of project populating Ponoko in the near future. Out of print games made 3D printable.

I've also made this available to print for the staples contest as an experimental thing. Not really sure if the color thing will work, not sure how this sort of thing prints... not sure anything. I really need to try it out, but I don't know how committed I am to the idea, financially.

EDIT: Wow, €161.56 for a color 3D printed version of this game on staples. Not sure anyone is going to pay that much for a board game of this type.

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