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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Troke, the Old is New Again.

A coworker friend of mine when introduced to Thingiverse out of the blue said "I know something I'll bet you can do" and told me about this old game he played with his family, Troke. Old game is right, Troke is from 1956 and way out of print. The basic idea is it's similar to chinese checkers except in this game instead of jumping you stack your pieces to gain new moves, possibly dragging your opponents pieces with you further from their goal.
In the original game the pieces were drilled out and painted dowels. But this is 3D printing, and simple cylinders are just too simple. On the other hand I almost put too much detail into the little things. Almost.
If you'd like to relive this classic from a bygone age you can download the files to print and play this game, 2D and 3D files, on Thingiverse. Alternately you can ask me to make one on MakeXYZ (and if there's enough demand I may add it to the etsy store with board and carrying bag). And if you'd like to help me make a whole new game I'd love to have your feedback on yesterday's post as well.

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