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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The saga of the stuck print

The tool pictured here is called the 5-in-1 painter's tool. I purchased it on the recommendation of a total stranger on the google groups for removing prints from the platform.

See, my prints get stuck to the platform. Really, really stuck. Even letting them cool for 8 hours wouldn't get them to pop off. I've tried razor blades and spatulas but when I heard of this I thought I'd give it a try. Does it work? Yes, but possibly too well. Using the 5-in-1painters tool to remove prints is really hard on the kapton tape. I've gouged several holes and scratched it in other places. And this is on brand newly applied tape, which is frustrating. But like I said, it does work better than anything else so maybe others can learn from my mistakes. I would still recommend this tool, it's less than $5 and does work, but be gentle when using it.


  1. You might try lowering the HBP temperature a bit and see if that helps. Start by lowering 15 degrees, and then adjust up or down from there.

    Also, try fudging the home Z height by .05 mm increments.

    It's a process, but you'll eventually find a setting that'll start to work pretty well.

  2. Maybe. My build platform is currently at 220 because I kept having prints fall off. I'll try it at 215 the next time. I'll also try loosening up the Z height as well.

    1. That does seem a little high. I find that if I hit the print with a can of "air duster" it pops right off. I hold the can upside down and give it a blast for maybe 1/2 second and I can pop it right off.

    2. I meant 120c.

      So using the air duster for it's cold... that's clever, I'll try that. In the meanwhile as long as I remember to use the pliers instead of the scraper when I can I can save my tape.


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