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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adventures in Selling Designs part 3, Ponoko and CGTrader

My to-do list is rather long at the moment. I'm making a promotional video and website for the book, I'm going to create a web site for my 3D design work so I can take commissions, I've got some new materials to experiment with, an upgrade for the Makerbot, and a few other things. Lots of good things to look forward to.
In between I have still been hunting for a storefront where I can sell 3D models directly, no streaming, no DRM. Ponoko is still a good option and I'm building a profile there, however Alec at CGTrader has been doing a great job of making it easy for me to build a profile of 3D printables and even promises more help setting up for the Staples store, which isn't exactly what I'm looking for but it has the backing of a major Realtor. We'll where that goes. For now most of the models come from Thingiverse and are for free, but soon there will be more exclusives to these spaces.

Now I just need to fill 'em up with cool stuff.

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