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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kickstarting what's already free

I've been doing it wrong this whole time. Working on the weekends and lunch hours, putting my models up for free when what I really should have been doing is KickStarting basic modeling projects. Never mind that this has already been done over 400 times, and in many cases better and more comprehensive. Plus every single one of those use less plastic and take less time. This is just a bad idea.

Somehow 3DKitBash's KickStarter has nearly reached their goal, or maybe even reached their goal by the time that you read this. This is shameful. I understand wanting to be paid for your work, but this adds nothing. Why are people paying for it? I could not, in good conscious, do what they're doing with the smiles they have on their faces. I just couldn't do it. How do I get a hold of the people supporting this so I can tell them not to?

On #utahmakers
bill2or3> I'm going to kickstart a ramp, for jumping sharks
bill2or3> for kickstarter.
I don't hate KickStarter. In fact there are at least 2 projects that I want to KickStart when my current project is done. But hey, if I can get a grand every time I model a replacement pull handle, maybe I should do that. Micro-kickstarters FTW. Set the goal small enough so that by the time people realize they've been had I'm out the door with the money.

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  1. It is interesting to me that the kickstarter that kickstarted this discussion in the past 24 hours has not gotten any closer to their goal. They were $57 away yesterday morning, they're $57 away now. maybe they had a legitimate surge in the first 2 days or maybe, and this would be a super scam in my mind, they seeded the pot with their own money hoping to catch a few suckers in their net. I wondered why anyone would pledge $30 or more to this thing when I saw it, and they had several at the $30, $50, and $80 levels. Is that the scam? Seed with your own money so you can reach your goals faster?


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