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Saturday, March 9, 2013

3 months, 17 chess sets

After running out before Christmas I decided to make a back stock of chess sets. In January I started printed them in earnest, using both extruders at once to double my output and printing just as often as I can and expending at least 4 full rolls of filament to see how far they'll go. Since then the ceramic insulation tape was damaged and the heated build platform gave out leaving me idle for a few weeks. But things are back together and I was finally able to finish the sets I had started. I now have a box filled with 17 completed chess sets with 3 more that have been purchased for a total of 21 completed chess sets.

That's actually pretty good and it's keeping me ahead of sales. However it's about half what I estimated I could be doing. Still, I'm in a position now that I can explore some advertising and try to get them out the door faster and now I know what to expect as far as sales goals.


  1. Can you do dualstrusion to do two-at-once prints? Or are you already doing that?

  2. That's exactly what I was describing when I said "using both extruders at once to double my output".


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