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Monday, February 18, 2013

Buy my junk

A few additions to the store. Restocked the hypnorings, added the PLA TARDIS charms I made to test print temperatures effect on PLA translucence, and finally I've added something new. Since I did the resolution test I've had these chess knights just sitting on my desk feeling like I should do something with them. Finally I had the bright idea that I should let you own a little piece of Joe's Makerbot.

If you would like an example of 3D printing then for little more than the cost of shipping you can buy some junk from my Makerbot. I'll try to keep it stocked with something. I figure this way folks who just want a sample of 3D printing can have just that.

EDIT: Another store change: international shipping has increased considerably. I knew the postal service was increasing their rates but on instate the shipping difference was pennies, not enough for me to worry about. However, international rates doubled. Sucks, but I have to increase my shipping rates accordingly.

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