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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Robot Chess Sets back in production

There has finally been some demand for my Robot Chess sets and I've finally sold out of my original 10. Apparently Boing Boing put them on a holiday gift guide which links to either this blog or the makerbot blog, which links to the thingiverse page, which links to the etsy where you can find the chess set. Phweao. I've attempted to shorten that flow a bit where I can.

The upshot of which is I need to print more chess sets. Last time I did this I was printing slower, at 0.2mm layers, and dual printing was by some exe voodoo. Now, that's to sailfish and numerous upgrades I'm printing... well, no faster in the end, but at 0.15mm layer heights (surprising the difference have a mm makes),  much more reliably, and dual printing is an option on the menus. The result is these chess sets are even better than the old one.

The other result is I should have started this a week ago, but didn't because of said upgrades still happening. So I am doing something I've never done before; I am offering for sale something I do not currently have in stock. I'm trusting you Makerbot, I've got orders to fill and I need you to work!

EDIT: Update: First half worked fine, second half... well, the white side worked. The black side didn't stick at all which messed up the white side. Hopefully a little ABS Glue will fix that up. Here's hoping.

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