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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3D Printing Tip - ABS plus Tower or Skin = No

So apparently my recent printing problems was no fault of the mk8 upgrade or Sailfish. I was having trouble printing some pocket tactics pieces so I experimented with the tower plug-in before I found out what it did. (Dumb.) What tower does is it stays in the same area doing several layers before dropping down and doing another area. The problem with this is the same problem I had with the skin plug-in I had before; that neither of these plug-ins respect the settings of the cool plug-in. Consequently it puts a new layer on while the old layer is still soft and squishy. PLA may not have that same problem, but I wouldn't know because I print in ABS.

The point of all this if you are using ABS do not use the skin or tower plugin.

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