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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pushing the detail, the detail pushed back

As soon as I saw pocket tactics I knew I was going to be printing it. And what a great opportunity to dial in my printer settings to get the best possible prints of very small details as fast as possible of course.
Click on image for higher resolution
Quarter for scale. The fire mage on the left was printed at a feed rate of 60mm/s and a layer height of 0.2 mm. The result was pretty good except for that blasted seam where the perimeter starts and ends (not pictured).

So when I printed the Druid in the middle I rotated the model 180 degrees so the seam would be up the back. I also decided to push things a bit by turning on the skin plug-in so I printed perimeter layers 0.1mm. (Also at 60mm/s). The result was crap all over.

I tried again but only slowed down to 40mm/s and increased the filament diameter by .02mm. The result was much better, but still rough on the staff and around the edges of the robe and around the sleeve. The staff is understandable since the original model has a ton of detail in the staff. But the edges of the robe and sleeve shouldn't be that rough. But it's good enough that I want to move on to a different model.

The next try I may adjust the filament diameter up ever so slightly and turn the speed back up to see if that's the problem. Only I don't have the filament I want to try it on yet so this experiment may be on hold for a little while.

If there are any experts out there who can clue me in to any tricks I'm not trying I'd be very grateful.

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