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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chessbots first pass sold out. Store update.

Yes, I've finally sold my last chessbot. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this first run. The next run will be even more awesome. For one, I've gotten better printing techniques so the models will be even higher resolution. I've also been able to afford some new filament with the sales of this pass so I will be offering black/white and black/red sets and, finally, I will have a brand new monstrous opponent set.

...which is actually the reason why I don't have it ready right now. See, I want to design the opponent set in Tinkercad but the only computer I have that can run Tinkercad is in the shop getting it's monitor fixed. So until it comes back work on that opponent set is delayed. It's frustrating to know what I want to do but lacking the tools to do it.

So while we wait I have employed the red filament I purchased in making some cool key chains that move in cool ways. Great for conversations and keeping kids busy for a few minutes.
PS. #1 best selling item, the TARDIS ring. Also the cheapest thing in my store, but what 'cha gonna do? Biggest disapointment, the Zelda shield rings. Haven't sold a single one. Even making them glow in the dark hasn't helped. I'd post about them on reddit, but self promotion is discouraged. I've even got a clever title. "Shut up and take my rupies!"

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