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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The toothpaste battle

I did this and typed it all up before the whole upgrade fiasco that I am still in the middle of. So let's remember a happier time a week ago when my only worry was what toothpaste squeezer was best...
The contenders:
The results were surprising. Before the test I favored Starno's. For some reason despite the fact that it used more plastic there was just something appealing about its curves, it even has a nice funnel in the bottom to help you get your tube in properly ( that is hard to phrase properly). However, after trying it Starno's tube, as is, was too narrow a slit for the adult sized tubes of toothpaste (fortunately we have some kids ones) and too thick to really squeeze it well. However, there is a scaled version that would work.

The key was also much more narrow than I anticipated off the bat. It looks like it was made for paint tubes in fact. However we have some infant toothpaste that it fit and... I've never really like this sort of arrangement. I tried it to be fair but it just doesn't work for toothpaste. Paint tubes are often metallic so they don't unwind but toothpaste it just doesn't stay on. So the key came in 3 of 3, last place.

Yes, the winner of this contest was PrintTo3D's basic toothpaste extruder, mostly because it worked for the job I wanted right out of the gate. In fact I was so pleased that I didn't even mind the branding. (The back half says "PrintTo3D" across it, the front says "Toothpaste".) Starno's may still be adjustable to work, but if I do that I will be checking it against PrintTo3D's in blender so that I know it'll be right before I print. It's small, doesn't use too much plastic, and works perfectly. What more can I ask for?
You're the best... arouuund!


  1. Really? You just HAD to stick that song in my head. I won't get it out until next week, I guarantee you.

    I've never seen anything like that tube key- How is it supposed to help? does it disturb the paste enough to bring it up? Does it corksrew it up? I is confuzzled.

    1. OH! I see how it works now. I also feel mortally stupid. :\

      I guess there are downsides to being a computer nerd... I don't really get around that much.

    2. Like I said the key doesn't work very good with toothpaste. With the metal tubes that paint is sold in it's different, tho.

      Funny thing is that song makes me want to watch "Sweep the Leg" by No More Kings.

  2. I've now tried the scaled version of Starno's tube:
    I had to tweek it myself to use it and my verdict is even scaling can't upset PrintTo3D's victory. It just works better.


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