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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have to remind myself that the purpose of writing this blog is to give a candid idea of what it's like to own a 3D printer. Well, it was pretty good for a while there, but now...
Somehow things got worse in my attempt to make them better. So I try to restore ReplicatorG to it's pre-tinkered with state, only it doesn't have an uninstaller. So I delete the files and reinstall and, lo, all my settings are back. Seems that it hides stuff in the registry. Great.

This is me. Seething.

EDIT: Oh, there's a .replicatorg directory in the user directory too. Not appdata. User. 

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  1. For Clarity:

    ReplicatorG (for reasons that predate my involvement) stores it's settings at $HOME/.replicatorg (where $HOME is your OS-dependant home directory) Long story, it just is so.

    If you want to remove settings, you can run 'Reset Preferences' That will just move your replicator settings directory to $HOME/.replicatorg.$DATE , and the next restart, ReplicatorG will create a whole new settings dir.


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