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Monday, June 18, 2012

Look at that quality!

I think I've come a long way. I lost my shark clip which when I ride my bike so I decided to print another and look at this quality:
...and compare it to the first time I printed one of these:

...Hmm. okay, the actual improvement is obfuscated by lousy picture quality. The original had loose threads on the bottom, gaps in the fill and overall was pretty crap. It was functional, but not very good. But these new ones are just better all over. I credit getting the temperatures right and using the beta version of RepG.

Oh, plus I used a cool program to double the output of my Replicator. Yes, both of those new shark clips, the black and white ones, were printed at the same time by having both extruders outputting simultaneously. How cool is that?! I'm gonna be using that to print 2 chess sets at once in the future.

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