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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can I level with you?

I noticed problems with my build platform that was preventing me from printing a full set of chess pieces at once. So I've spent the past couple of days re-leveling and testing and got that thing just as right as I could and the test print I was making still didn't stick. So I took the step I didn't want to. I mixed myself up a batch of ABS glue and spread it on the build platform and the result was brilliant... and ugly.
You may notice that the print is off center. Ignore that, it wasn't my fault. You may also notice that my platform looks like a mess, which it is. That's the ABS glue. And it worked, the print stuck masterfully and lifted off without too much difficulty, however...
ABS glue stuck to the bottom of the print. I was afraid of that. Not a big deal, I'll just have to do some light sanding of the finished prints and I suspect that will decrease over time. But in the meanwhile, I may be ready to go ahead with printing a full chess set.

By the way, that ABS glue is also useful for making minor modifications to existing prints using bits past failures. Great stuff. Glad I've got it around now.


  1. I can't recall reading... Do you use this leveling jig?

    I've had INCREDIBLE success with it. Just a week ago, I took my Replicator to a street fair for our Hackerspace's booth, and a fast leveling job with that jig had it printing PERFECTLY. This was uniquely special because I live in Las Vegas, and it was 105 out. That warped almost everything and the level was off by - not kidding - 1.04 mm.

    I also make sure to preheat (just the platform) before leveling since the plastic arms tend to sag.

    I can't recommend this jig enough. It is wholly responsible for the great prints I get!

    That jig, plus the 3mm hood set made it possible to print this beast with 70% infill and get ZERO warp, even without ABS glue!

  2. I do not have one but the purchase of the parts is on my "when I start selling stuff from my etsy store" list. Thanks for the preheating tip, I'll remember that.


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