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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wrapping up the first week.

Now that I've gained some confidence in my Replicator's printing ability I had it running all day today. Unfortunately the attempts at making the last test pieces for my chess set ended in... But for some reason my elusive chess set was my only failures. Everything else worked out just fine.

I've been iterating a design for a clip to hold my Android while it films a time lapse.
For some reason the camera on my Android wants to make the black filament blue. The design itself needs another iteration, but that's the point of having a makerbot. I don't see it being much value to anyone else so it probably won't be up on Thingiverse.

Aside from that, and to avoid making this post too image heavy, I'll just link to my "I made one"s on thingiverse:
  • Replacement Door Bell Button, because I needed one.
  • Replacement Analog Sticks for Logitech Controller. My first print with support and unfortunately I broke one of them removing the supports. But one will do for now. I was surprised to see that I wasn't the first person to need these who had a 3D printer, it's pretty specific to that one controller.
  • Hemostat. An experiment to see if the a printed hinge would work. It didn't. Broke the first time my wife tried to use it.
And that's it... for today. There were some prints last night that I somehow missed. I'll post a retrospective later. But for now the count is 38 total prints, 23 successes.

I've only had this thing for a week. 1 week, nearly 40 prints, 23 successful things. Dang.

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