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Friday, May 11, 2012

With rings on her fingers...

This morning it was all about the rings
That's a diamond ring for my daughter, a negative Hylian Shield ring for my other son, and a TARDIS ring for me.
The diamond ring had some significant overhang and it caused some problems, but overall it was good enough for a little girl. I blame it more on the cold of the morning that I was printing in than the printer, tho.

I'm getting fairly confident with small prints, overhang, and even dual color prints. However big prints still worry me and the small details on the Hylian shield are still weak. I think this evening I'll be testing my calibration settings to see if there are other things I can adjust and give me a sense of where I'm at.

29 total prints, 16 successes. My success rate is now over 50%!

Also, featured on Makerbot. Cool!

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