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Friday, May 11, 2012

Of queens and pawns

UPDATE: If you are interested in purchasing these I am making as many available as I can and selling them on etsy!

Also last night I printed these:
By the way, the replicators lighting system really does make it the best place to take pictures in my dark garage.

I was particularly excited by the pawns because I printed all four of them at the same time. Getting a little more daring. And while the pawns look pretty good from the top, baring a little hole each one has in the tip, from beneath...
Failed overhangs and crushed walls. not sure what happened there. Clearly there is still some calibration that needs to happen. But they do assemble.


  1. How much? I think schools would love this. We want a set. Can you add the chess location and add aboard for teaching chess?

    1. Monty, Take a look on MakerBot's Thingiverse site for Chess sets ( There are several, although this one is the first set that also interlinks to make a robot so you would miss out on that if you went with other options! The "Chess Set 1" set is often used to demonstrate the MakerBot's reproduction capabilities.

    2. Not sure what "chess location" is. Are you talking about sets for teaching the moves? Like the "chess with L plates" ( )? I was thinking of doing something like this using the Chess Set 2 (my cleaned up deritive of Chess Set 1). But first I gotta get this chess set to work.


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