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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soap Stamp in Etsy Store

My sister makes her own soap. When I mentioned the properties of ABS and PLA, that PLA will disolve in a lye solution but ABS won't her eyes got big. She asked if ABS could be used to make a stamp for soap, since soap has lye in it until it hardens. I told her it should work.
So I made her a stamp. I learned the hard way that stamps need to be in reverse before printing. But that's all right, I had some tolerance issues to fix after the first one as well.

So now I'm offering my expertise to the world on my Etsy store. There are a ton of soap makers on Etsy and I wont stop until every one of them can brand their wares. Who wants to. I'll be offering picture ones as well later.

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