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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coloring filament with Markers

Way back in the day (like, maybe 2 years ago) when filament color selection was scarce 3D printers would color their filament with a marker on the incoming filament. Clever contraptions were constructed to color the filament sufficently. Since I've had a hard time finding a semi-transparent purple PLA filament for a project Idea I have I decided to try this technique of old myself.
I used the Mega Felt Marker Topper by RyGuy which didn't hold the Sharpie markers I bought very well.
On the left is a clear pawn for reference. This time I used the knight from the archichess01 set by clayantor, scaled down as usual. In the middle is the first attempt with the markers falling out a lot and me not noticing. Slight purple tint. On the right is one where I tried my best to keep those sharpies in place and the result is promising. I think I'll be able to use this technique for my Lantern Corp ring project, But next time I may use a different marker holder.


  1. Given the color intensity you are trying to achieve, perhaps you might want to use full-strength dye in a small tub with a sponge to wick the dye and press against the filament?

    Jetty has shown that you can use food color or Rit dyes for the purpose...

  2. This pertains to my interests...
    I really like the color you were able to achieve using just the clear PLA.
    I might have to try and make some custom attachments similar to RyGuy's in the future.

  3. You just need more color. This should do the trick:

    1. I tried that one, but the markers kept popping out. I need to design one that does something like . Only that one doesn't work as-is either, so I've needed to go back to the drawing board. That's why I haven't done it yet.


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