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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Panic attack turns I-D-Ten-T Error

Sometimes finding what's wrong with the makerbot is just a matter of knowing where to look. In this case the problem was between the keyboard and the chair.
This is not a good thing to see. Especially when it's just a little print. It was filling up the whole print bed, tearing the Kapton tape off, and clicking at the furthest extent of the Y axis. I had no idea what was wrong and was afraid my printer was totally busted.

Step 1, try a S3G file that I know worked in the past. Doing that I discovered that my print bed had gotten way out of level suddenly. Don't know how but the screw on the back right had almost fallen out. So I releveled the print bed and tried this S3G file again, this time watching the print carefully. And what to my eyes should appear, but the fact that I had built this file with the multiply plug-in on.

Unfortunately it ripped my patch off the right extruder, so I'm again down to one until I fix it again, properly this time. Hopefully I can take some time this weekend to do that.

They say that the hardest part about making something fool proof is dealing with the ingenuity of fools.

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