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Friday, April 26, 2013

New Acetone Fogger

So I built a new acetone fogger. There it is. Works great. Wide mouth canning jar with regular jar ring attached to a coat hanger in the same way as last time, only on one side this time since I don't need all 3.

I've found that increasing the time does make the prints better, but it can make removing them from the jar difficult. The small ring is still a little tight, so instead of being able to pull it all the way out I have to raise the part out most of the way, let it dry for a minute, then remove it with my hand or a tool. Not completely perfect, but at least I didn't break the jar this time.


  1. Given that the acetone itself is heavy and will stay in the jar, why not secure the arm holding the print, and then raise the jar of acetone fog to it? And then lower the jar after you are done?

    1. Because then it doesn't sit on the candle heater so it evaporates faster.

      Besides, given Einstein's theory of relativity to the object the jar is the one being raised and lowered.

      maybe I've completely misunderstood what you're getting at.


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