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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chess Production Day 2 1/2

The day started with a few clean up pieces from failed chess sets. A few rooks, a bishop. Then I decided to take the rest of the day off from printing chess sets to print a few things I've been meaning to get to for myself since my lovely and talented assistant can help me with the big batches. Then, suddenly...
That empty spool there was my black filament. I didn't even realize I was low. This is a problem. I need the black for the opponent pieces. I suppose I could do white and red, but a white monster chessbot? Plus I'm almost out of those colors too.

Sunday is my no printing day so i guess I've got some time to work this out. In the meanwhile I have another something to ponder. When I send out chess sets I found that a box and a board can be purchased together for as little as a dollar. All I have to do is go to the dollar store and buy a checker's set. Brilliant, right? I just take out the checker's pieces, put in my chess pieces, and away it goes! But now I have this problem:
What should I do with all these checkers pieces? I hate to just throw them away because it seems like I should be able to do something with them that doesn't involve a checkers board. I'm trying to come up with a combat mechanic for a Pocket Tactics like game that doesn't involve rolling dice. Maybe they could be used for that? Any ideas?

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