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Saturday, October 20, 2012

3D Printing Tidbit - Filament Diameter Song

I tend to say this alot on the makerbot user's group, so I decided to make a little ditty:
As ABS filament is exposed to moisture in the air it swells causing the filament diameter to change over the life of the spool. The default filament diameter setting in ReplicatorG is fine on average, but for fresh rolls of filament it is set a little too low causing troubles for new users. Measuring or testing your filament diameter has been my silver bullet in terms of solving print problems as well as making parts with tight tolerances fit.

EDIT: I just noticed I said the default diameter in RepG was 1.68 or 1.63. That's my disnumericism (like dyslexia only with numbers. It's a thing). They're actually 1.86 or 1.83 which can be too high for new rolls of filament.

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