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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Measure twice...

Oops. You'd think I would have learned my lesson with the toothpaste squeezers. Don't trust the designs on thingiverse to be made for your situation. Well I didn't. I took SidVillas' Printable Spool Roller and thought that it would work for me without modification. I mean isn't everyone ordering their filament from Makerbot?
Apparently not. Fortunately I now have a computer that doesn't crash when I use OpenSCAD so I'll be able to fix future versions of this. Meanwhile a little snip with the sheers and some ABS glue and I was able to not waste this print.
I attached the bearings with whatever I had around. I'll get some proper 8mm bolts and nuts this weekend. Meanwhile, this thing works great. Put the spool on it and it's willing to move at the slightest suggestion of pressure.
My plan is to make all my spools available at the back of my replicator in the near future to make it easier to switch rolls. Finger's crossed.

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