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Monday, July 2, 2012

Not back to production yet

It's been a busy weekend. I've been making adjustments trying to get my printer back to the quality it had before without sacrificing the speed it's gained. So most of my prints have been in the interest of small prints that test the settings. A rattleback, a scaled down the toothpaste squeezer to finish my showdown, finished and uploaded my modification for the mini heart gears (which I sometimes carry around as a cool example of what a 3D printer can make) and of course my mini-chess pieces. By this time I was gaining confidence so I cracked out a full Action chess set... only to discover my tolerances were off. None of the pieces mated the way they should. I think I'm putting out too much plastic. Hopefully someone can help me with that.

However, as long as interlocking pieces isn't a big deal I can go ahead so I printed a full set of my Chinese Chess Deluxe set which took a surprising 5 hours to complete. I'll post pictures when I've painted it.

But now I've got another problem.
My plan was to sell Action Chess sets to buy new filament. However I've only managed to print 2 full sets (2 black, 2 white) and I can't print any more right now. That's not enough. So my output for this week is going to be test prints only until I can make more chess sets that work. No more frivolities.

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