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Sunday, June 24, 2012

End of day report

The theme of the day was experimentation. True, most 3D printing is experimental at this point but today it was particularly true. Here's a run down of what I printed.
  • Finished a dual printed chess set. Hopefully next time I can do the whole batch in one go.
  • 3 different toothpaste squeezers to find out which one was best. Report on that on Thursday.
  • Two different whistles. Report on that on Tuesday.
  • an iPhone stand re-sized for my android (least experimental of the day)
  • a sanding block ( wait, this was the least experimental thing) which stuck so hard it tore up my tape to remove... dang it.
  • A test of a desk toy I'm working on, the results of which sent me back to the drawing board. (Pictured in the blockbot's hand below)
  • A modification to Lochemage's  blockbot that prints it's own supports that need to be cut away and is all on one plate. Works great and scales well. I printed mine at 75% but I'm confident it'll work at 50% even.

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