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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prints 12 - 14

Print 12 was another tire lever, this time in white, that had even more curl in it than the black one, but otherwise was successful.

For Print 13 I wanted to try dual extruding with the raft turned off. The model would be my very own alot, and the result was... mixed. The first time I didn't check either of the extra options when merging stls for dual printing (why isn't that option under "file" makerbot?). That print you can see on the left. The next time I chose "Outline" for the black layer and "go slower" (can't remember what the actual option was) for the white and the result is on the left:
The dual extrusion didn't quite take. Maybe it was the size. I did scale the model down to 35% the original. Maybe if I had only done 50%, but I wanted a quick result. I'm going to try printing the white parts separately and gluing them on.

Even without the raft the first layer printed is crap. Fortunatly this time I have some clearer pictures. Pictures that look better scaled down:

Can ANYONE help me fix this?

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