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Monday, September 23, 2013

Last call for helpers for TARDIS Run

TARDIS Run has been developing well. I'd like to have this done in time for people to be playing it on the 50th anniversary. But in the end I can't decide between two different boards. Either a pair of small jogs in the middle that together result in one very unlikely super shortcut or a pair of teleport pads that cuts the board by about a third.

Go to Thingiverse and try out a game. 2D print the boards, 3D print the paddles and pawns, and try out the game. Alternately paddles could be constructed with Popsicle sticks (2 with two marks on one side, 2 with one mark on one side, and a special one with one mark on one side and "2x" on the other). Then give it a shot and, if you could, answer the following questions:

  1. Which board did you try? (Jog in the middle/pads in the corner)
  2. Approximately how long did the game last? (Too long? Too short?)
  3. Did you understand the rules?
  4. Did you think the game was "fair" for both players?
  5. Was the game fun? Was there any highlight when playing where things went good? Did it drag on too long?
  6. Are you likely to want to play it again?
  7. Any suggestions for the rules?
  8. Does the game just suck and everyone is too polite to tell me?
Of course if you try both of them did either of them make the game more fun? Otherwise this will help me settle on which one I should choose.

I've also finally uploaded the Doctor Who Pawns and Doctor Who Monster Pawns as an incentive to help me out.

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