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Friday, August 23, 2013

3D Printing Blueprints is now for sale

My book, 3D Print Blueprints is available for sale now on Packt, Amazon, Amazon UK, and soon to come at Barnes and Nobles. Looks like the eBook option is only available Packt right now, and Amazon appears to sell the physical copies a little cheaper.

And on a personal and entirely unprofessional note... squeeee.

It looks like things are still coming together on the side of Amazon and the rest but it is totally together now and I have some physical copies that are in the mail now and will be in my hands soon.


  1. Congratulations, Joe! Good work! So excited for you and the publishing of your book!

  2. Joesmama is proud of her son. Congrats lots guy.

  3. It's so funny what constitutes as real for people these days. To all my coworkers this wasn't a real thing until I was on Amazon. Not until there was a physical book, just Amazon. But that's the world we're in.

    I know I should have spent the weekend thinking about how to promote this, and I really should figure that out, but I took this weekend to just do some silly designing. But I should put my nose to the grindstone and get promoting.

    ...uh, any ideas?


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