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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Have a Transforming TARDIS, Your Argument is Invalid

Alright, the design isn't mine. It was actually created by Ellindsey on Thingiverse so at least 90% of this thing's coolness need to be attributed back to him. Every joint on this thing is 3D printed. In fact the only non-3D printed parts are the pieces of paper that make the windows look white which are totally optional.

But I've still got one, and so that makes me a pretty darn cool, too.

The blue parts alone took 12 hours of printing (little shout out to Makerware for assembling the plate automatically so well). The assembly was super easy with the pictures Ellindsey provided. My only complaint is that the joints are all too loose for the bot to stand on it's own. Also, what's up with the Optimus Prime head? I may have to fix that. But those nits asside, I've got a transforming TARDIS now. And this is AWESOME.

This is the sort of thing that I am amazed can be found for free on Thingiverse; those little gems that make following the site worth it, and part of the reason why Thingiverse is so awesome.


  1. Hey Joe,

    How far into the print for all the blue parts did you put the paper in? Was it toward the very end? Or do you have an estimate to the nearest hour? And how large were the pieces of paper?

    Your transformer looks great! Where is the grey from?

    1. The paper is added after printing. There are slots for it. It's part of the build process.

      I have no idea where the gray came from. Protoparadgm? Makerbot? Not sure, I've had it for a while. That's where I bought it from back then. I'd buy it from toybuilderlabs now.


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