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Monday, June 24, 2013

If you want me to believe you, don't let marketers handle your ad

Can you spot the mistakes?
0:25 This would give depth information for making a 3D scan, but no human being holds still enough for a high-resolution 3D scan with a hand-held camera. At best the scan would be muddy and require some significant cleanup of background elements...which is also never shown. And there is not enough room in that space for the person doing the scan to get all the way around the people they're scanning, so at best she'll get a relief from the front.
0:49 Plugging a smart phone in to a 3D printer to do a print? Okay, I'll believe that for now. Getting a full color 3D print from a Cube? Nope.
0:52 And are we to believe that she got that print done by the end of the party? That's a 20 hour print at least, I don't care what printer you're using. So much nope.

This is an ad for the 16 array camera they're using, not for the process or software because all that exists right now is the 16 array camera. So it makes sense that the rest is marketing department fantasy and props to sell the 16 array camera to prospective manufacturers. Maybe I don't understand marketing but it seems to me like when the camera sales man does his pitch and the executive they're selling it to says "where can I get that software you're using" the presentation is going to go downhill when the answer is "Oh, that software doesn't exist, it's just something the art department mocked up. That's for you guys to make." I would think honestly is the best policy. Take the camera out, take some pictures, show some real 3D models extracted from the pictures (you could even use Agisoft to get the job done I'll bet) and show something real, not some fantasy with obvious holes in it.

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  1. Oh man this made me laugh. I'm sure the technology will be here someday to do full-color prints on the Cube in 2 hours from some poorly taken phone pictures, but we're still a few years out, I think. Great marketing, though.


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