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Friday, May 3, 2013

What's in the Pirate3D box?

Singapore based Pirate3D is producing a 3D printer. Why I haven't heard of them before I don't know. I mean I love 3D printing and I love Singapore, but this one broadsided me.

But even better they're giving some away! So go, enter their contest and win.

Now for some commentary: Pirate3D's motive here is pretty transparent, or at least I think it is. They're collecting market research. "How much do people expect to pay for a 3D printer?" Thing is it is very difficult to guess the price of a sealed box. Matter of fact I don't see a 3D printer there, I see a box with a 3D print under it. I'm told that's a 3D printer and I guess I'll take they're word for it, but what's in that box? Is it an FFF printer? Is it SLS? Is the Photopolymer? Is it a little elf who weaves straw into plastic prints? It's a good looking box but a box does not a printer make.

When I made my guess I guessed it would be the price I'd like to see a 3D printer at, which is cheap. But in reality I'm guessing this one will be slightly more expensive than an Afinia. I mean, elfs don't come cheap.

Either way, sign up and try to win one. (Facebook required)


  1. Hi Joe, It's an FDM printer. Similar printer to the Cube and the Replicator. What it comes with is cloud technology and some apps which allow you to print wirelesssly. :)

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    1. You guys have been spamming my blog for years now, and I've been deleting them. I'll make you a deal. You send me a free 3D printer and I'll let you post all the spam on my blog you want. Deal?


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