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Friday, February 8, 2013

Tiki Chess

Whystler's Tiki chess set was one of my favorites in the chess contest. Each of the pieces just had so much character and detail and it wasn't too much of a challenge to figure out which one was which, unlike some other sets. Every piece just works so well with the theme. It's a real treat to have this one. Click on the below image and just bask in the detail.
PS. notice the King's side knight with the broken staff. That's the one I was trying to reprint when my HPB burned out. I'll fix you... one day! (Edit: It's fixed now.)


  1. I am having issues with tinkercad for sometime already. :( Can you provide the STL files to those pieces?

    1. So it appears that I didn't keep either the STL that I used to do the print or the TinkerCad versions I did my relatively small edits on like putting bellies on the pieces and teeth on the Bishop/Witch Doctor's skull. Sorry.

      In truth I'm kind of relieved since I'm not sure Whystler's stance on this and if I'd be stepping on his intellectual toes. I know this was uplaoded to Thingiverse once upon a time but it seems Whystler was one of those who abandoned ship with the Occupy Thingiverse movement, when concerns about how Thingiverse handled their licencing cause a lot of people to knee-jerk their way out of there. But I realize how bad that sucks for you. You want it, it's not like I'll be taking money from Whystler by making it available, but he doesn't want to share it so your s.o.l.

      They're still there on Tinkercad and it's working for me but these are complex models. I recommend working on the individual pieces, exporting the STLs, and recombining them in MakerWare or Blender to make a whole set to print. Good luck.

    2. So here's what I've done. I've redone my edits so you can download the individual pieces on Tinkercad. Go ahead and download them and make a set yourself.

      The rook and pawn are unchanged, you can find them with a quick search.


    3. Your parts don't seem to be downloadable anymore (except the queen). Would you be able to repost the .stl files? I would love to make a set.

    4. You are right. There seems to be something very amiss in those files. If you copy and tinker then in tinkercad it's possible you can figure out how to fix the problem or contact tinkercad and have them fix them problem. It's a problem with their boolean operations, which I suspect was related to the bellies disappearing in the first place.

      Unfortunately hosting the files somewhere, particularly thingiverse, with my name on them without Whystler's approval is still not something I am willing to do. Consider this: you want to make a set because you value the creation. So value the creator, respect his wishes, and if you don't know his wishes, err on the side of respect. That may mean you don't get what you want, but that's a part of respecting the creator, not just the creation.

  2. Thank you for your prompt reply! I am glad you did it. Thank you once again. I am printing a set to gift my old colleague [yup in his 60s]. He loves to play chess and I am really thankful for your help and advice. ^_^ Have a nice weekend.


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