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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Did you see Big Bang Theory?!"

For the record the answer is "No". I do not regularly watch the Big Bang Theory. "But it's all about nerds!" No, it's all about laughing at nerds. Just pay attention to the laugh track, which is another thing that bugs me. But despite me starting out negative on BBT, it does do a good job of honestly representing nerd culture so you can be sure that the nerdities will at least be accurate.

Their take on 3D printers was honest. They're big, expensive, slow, and it's pretty exciting when you first get it to cough up a whistle. They didn't go the home 3D printer route because that would have made the color prints they were making impossible. Then they spun the whole thing into a laugh about finances in a relationship and the clueless-ness of the nerd about the same. I wasn't happy with how easy they made 3D scanning look. A kinect does not take good scans and it's not easy to throw on a six pack. But over all it was a good day for 3D printing. I'm sure a ton of people after the show googled "3D printer" and learned alot.

If you haven't seen the show and can tolerate a laugh track you can watch the episode on CBS' website.

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