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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Store's open, bot's cold

Now that I'm home and can go back to filling order I've opened the shop back up. I've even added the last 2 chess sets that I finished before I left.

However, now that I'm back home I'm more than a little concerned about the weather. Winter has hit and out here it's a foot deep outside. I'm afraid an enclosure and an uninsulated garage isn't enough to keep the weather out. I'm concerned that's whats causing the cracking I've seen in my prints before I left, and it's gotten even colder since then. I may have to bring the printer inside if I want to print anything taller than a TARDIS ring. But where? I'm still super concerned about fumes and it's too cold to crack a window. Winter is not a friend of the Replicator. I shudder to think that I'll need to consult Punxsutawney Phil to know when I can start printing again...

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