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Friday, January 4, 2013

Printing somewhere warmer

Like I said, it's cold right now. It's painful to be in the garage with my Makerbot. That can't be good for it. So in an attempt to see how bad printing in the cold, is I needed a control situation, and to show off a bit I brought my bot to work. Durring the day I printed a spool holder for my new Afinia filament, a couple more stackable bins, and tested out the Afinia gold filament. More on the results of the filament test later. Oddly enough the stackable bins still cracked after printing. Perhaps not as bad, but still cracked. I have no idea what I need to do to fix this delamination problem.

So after the days printing I brought the printer home to my cold, cold garage, put the enclosure and cover back on, and tried to print another filament holder, and the result was leaning a little to the left.
That's a slanted print. I didn't get it until I tried another print and discovered that my x-axis motion wasn't homing the way it was supposed to either. So after all that, thinking I can go back to printing this happens. Back to fiddle mode I guess. If anyone has any suggestions how to fix this please don't keep them to yourself.


  1. I fixed the slant problem. Many thanks to Dan for your excellent coaching, but ultimately it was Greg who pointed out the obvious.

    Welp, I'm back to printing now.

    1. I'm having the same issue with my Rep2. Slanting to the left slightly.
      How did you solve your issue?


    2. It wasn't plugged in. Well, it was plugged in, but it's plugged in the wrong place. I had to open up the electronics, find the X-Axis connector cable, and make sure it's in the right connector. I used the motherboard schematic for reference... but that doesn't exists for Rep2. Still, the one for the Rep1 might still be mostly accurate.


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