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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fully Printed Engine V0.1

It's a good feeling when something you've made gets attention on Thingiverse. Even if it's something you made a long time ago that never really worked the way you wanted it to. Hopefully, tho, someone can make a good version of my old desk toy. In the meanwhile:
Here's the engine designed to harness the power of those springs. I hope that what I've put up will make sense to others, but at this point I don't have time to test it since I'm back in the saddle with the chess sets.
Thanks to Joseph Chiu (aka Toybuilder) I am dual printing black and red again. Joseph is hoping to get into filament distribution so when I ran out I contacted him for more. Now I can finish up this round of chess sets and start on the next one. It's supposedly a lower quality filament, but so far I haven't seen any trouble and hopefully my mk8 upgrade will negate any challenges. We'll see how it effects the meshing of the parts after printing.

I really hope I find the time to test the engine, tho, so I can get an amazing entry in before Christmas. I'd really love to have a shot at a years worth of free filament.


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