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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fixing a nebulizer with new materials

Here's an interesting story of someone doing a repair of a medical device. He had trouble with ABS not being strong enough, which is amazing because I've stepped on ABS parts, so he used a nylon filament and a little suguru, and his kid is back on his meds on the cheap. I haven't had much reason to explore the nylon filament, but after this story I might keep a little bit on hand.!topic/makerbot/hkNxKim8alQ

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  1. I got a clip of that nylon from Diego at Deezmaker. Unfortunately for me, it's 3mm not 1.75mm diameter. It feels like it's much more pliable than ABS. I suspect that most of the problems of ABS being not "strong enough" may be due to delamination of prints done too cold...


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