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Monday, December 10, 2012

Chessbot orders update

All chessbots that have been ordered are out the door and I've even got one full set and two halves to spare. This last batch was a bit loose and I apologize to anyone who received one and found them hard to pose. Remember, a little clear nail polish in the joints will tighten that up. Then again, maybe they're better that way.

I'm only putting 3 more up for sale since I need to test filament diameter to tighten up this next batch. So give me a couple of days before I commit to another 8. I realize this is the wrong season to be learning and trial and error-ing, but how was I to know that people would actually want my chess sets all of a sudden? The sales before would not have led to that idea. My next project is a crystal ball so I don't get caught unawares again.

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