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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pins now in the store

After the makeSLC presentation I had someone (sorry, I didn't get your name His name was Kelly AKA "That old guy") ask me "Why don't you make pins. I wouldn't buy a ring or pendant, but I'd use a pin." Well it's taken me till now to get them in the store, but here they are. I'm super proud of the way the TARDIS looks. I squished it up but it still look fabulous even with real-life stereoscopic vision.

And by the way, 20mm calibration cubes make great props for photos.

Aside #2, the photos above were taken with my brand new photo box. It's a super cheap package and folds up extremely thin.  Packs a heck of a punch for the price.

Final aside, files up on thingiverse. TARDIS pin and GuyFawkes pin.

EDIT: I actually typed this up before GuyFawkes day, but owing to my own duh-ism I failed to post it. It's been sitting in my draft. So, a bit late for this years festivities, but still a cool looking pin.

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