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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Make Magazine Massive Maker Meetup

This is something I should have mentioned earlier. Sorry about that.

Tonight Make Magazine is organizing the largest collection of makers around the world! They're hoping to get 1000 of us (I guess I'm one now) together to discuss... making... stuff. That's always been the nebulous thing about the "maker" title and "movement". What exactly are we making? If I do origami am I a maker? If I fix a desk am I a maker? If I change the oil in my car myself am I a maker? If I own a hammer am I a maker?

That aside there'll be a G+ Hangout going to happen for those who, like me, aren't going to be able to attend at any of the makerspaces around the world that will be participating. It should be a hoot.

Actually, 3D printing promises to be a hot topic at this thing and that gives me pause to think. 3D printing has been called disruptive. It's certainly disrupted the idea of being a garage inventor. It's all anyone can talk about any more. What happened to the smelters and the molders and the wood workers? Automate the skilled part of the workmanship and apparently everyone's a maker now. Ah well, more power to 'em I guess.

EDIT: Wasn't even home all evening. Missed the whole thing. I feel bad about that. Hopefully there'll be a next time and hopefully I can be there.

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