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Friday, October 26, 2012

the ultimate test

My replicator has been tested and came out... well, not 100%, but pretty darn good. A while ago I made this iThrone for one of the Makerbot sponsored contests I didn't win. I've never had reason to print one, but after the MakeSLC presentation I was approached by someone there who offered to buy one.  So, I decided to see if my printer could handle the behemoth. 17 hours solid of printing in a super cold garage and the result is...
158 grams of iPhone holding pomp. In materials alone that's over $7, never mind shipping and time. So chances are I won't be making these available in the store. But it's pleasing that I can print something this large mostly successfully. The large flat back actually has some pretty gnarly layer separation, but considering that it was printing in a garage with snow outside I'd say my enclosure helped quite a bit.

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