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Monday, October 22, 2012

Drew's Castle

I let my soon loose on TinkerCad, alone and unsupervised, and this is what he came up with.
So when his good behavior earned him a 3D print of whatever he wanted, naturally what did he choose? Now at it's natural scale this is the biggest single thing I've printed to date. But I'm really trusting my new firmware, so what the heck.
The first print... didn't go so well. That's it in the bucket. There was some bad geometry and the majority of the objects weren't on the base. Oops. A quick trip through blender to flatten the bottom and a quick trip to netfabb to fix the geometry and we're ready to try again.
9 hours later, the finished result. Hmm, I haven't reset my center, it's almost falling off the back. Plus I intentionally left some overhang in for educational purposes so the print is a bit messy. Pulling that thing off my print bed took another careful hour and still nicked my brand new capton tape in several places as well as introducing cracks into the model.
But overall I think the boy is pretty pleased with the result. (Excuse the mess.)

The files are available for download on Thingiverse.


  1. Thats a pretty sweet castle! Very impressive, how old is your son?


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