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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well, there go my plans

So the plan for this past long weekend were to switch filament, test the diameter, finish work on my new type TARDIS ring, test a few models so I can upload them to thingiverse (like K-9 here), and gear up for a week of producing chess sets for sale.

The short version is that my Replicator is broken again. It appears to be having a mental breakdown. After a day of fiddling and the problem only getting worse I've put in a support ticket to Makerbot. So it was a slightly less productive and more stressful weekend than I was hoping for. I spent more time fiddling in the garage than I wanted to, and now I have Esty orders I can't fill. Fun.

It'll probably be a week or so before I have anything to post here.

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