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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Categories for your browsing pleasure

My projects don't tend to be very focused and this blog is no exception. If you're coming here from my etsy store chances are you don't care about the technical stuff. If on the other hand you've found this blog through the makerbot user's google group you may just want to see the tips and tricks I've learned. Or maybe you're a new or prospective makerbot owner and want to know what those first few weeks are like. Fortunately I have been tagging my posts making the addition of category buttons to the top of the blog quick and simple for all of you. So if all you care about is stuff about the store then click away and that's all you'll get. I'm kinda miffed that I can't figure out how to display the first-steps posts from oldest to newest without generating a new page, which I'm going to eventually have to do. But they're all there for your browsing pleasure.

Now I need to work on that huge banner.

EDIT: Ironically, I do not have a tag for stuff that's just about the website. And I hope I don't have a reason to add one.

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