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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Killing the Blob 2

(Killing the blob part 1 and 3)
The important part is in the corners of the build platform, not the middle
This hack to your choice of start.gcode is based on a suggestion by Tai Cullum that the pump priming double as a platform leveling test. So in each corner a little triangle is printed. Advantage: if they stick you know you're level. Disadvantage: If they stick you've got to take them all off before the next print.

Code follows after the jump:

As before:
  1. Locate your start.gcode files (under your ReplicatorG directory at \ReplicatorG\replicatorg-0037\machines\replicator.)
  2. Make copies of these files as backups or edit the copies.
  3. Open either Single_Head_start.gcode or Dual_Head_start.gcode depending on your machine or edit them both if you're not sure (or want to be consistent).
  4. Locate the (Position Nozzle) line under the (**** end homing ****) line.
  5. Replace the (Position Nozzle) line and the lines that follow with this:
 G1 X-107.88 Y-67.95 F5400.0 (Position Nozzle)
G0 Z0.1 (Position Height)
M108 R4.0 (Set Extruder Speed)
M101 (Start Extruder)
(Draw Test Pattern)
G1 X-94.57 Y-67.95 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X-107.88 Y-54.65 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X-107.88 Y-67.95 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X107.88 Y-67.95 F5400.0
G1 X94.57 Y-67.95 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X107.88 Y-54.65 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X107.88 Y-67.95 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X107.88 Y67.95 F5400.0
G1 X94.57 Y67.95 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X107.88 Y54.65 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X107.88 Y67.95 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X-107.88 Y67.95 F5400.0
G1 X-94.57 Y67.95 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X-107.88 Y54.65 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X-107.88 Y67.95 Z0.1 F1000
(**** end of start.gcode ****)


  1. What's the triangle mesh in the corner? Blocking plastic going into the fan bay?

    1. Andrew, is your friend.


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