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Friday, August 10, 2012

Killing the Blob 3

(Killing the blob part 1 and 2.)

Last one, I promise. Last one because this may be the minimum necessary, like the ZigZag solution, but cooler.
You know... for kids.
It's supposed to be a 5 pointed star, but if you ever see a 5 pointed star your pump is too primed. It'd be easy enough to fix, tho. Just add one more command to finish the first arm that never works. Comes off easy and looks okay and it's really not that many lines. There's still a little booger and a little blob to cut off, but this is a much better solution. Code follows.


  1. Locate your start.gcode files (under your ReplicatorG directory at\ReplicatorG\replicatorg-0037\machines\replicator.)
  2. Make copies of these files as backups or edit the copies.
  3. Open either Single_Head_start.gcode or Dual_Head_start.gcode depending on your machine or edit them both if you're not sure (or want to be consistent).
  4. Locate the (Position Nozzle) line under the (**** end homing ****) line.
  5. Replace the (Position Nozzle) line and the lines that follow with this:
G1 X-96.84 Y-61.6 F5400.0 (Position Nozzle)
G0 Z0.14 (Position Height)
M108 R4.0 (Set Extruder Speed)
M101 (Start Extruder)
(Draw Star)
G1 X-107.79 Y-61.6 Z0.14 F1080.0 (4)
G1 X-98.93 Y-68.03 Z0.14 F1080.0 (1)
G1 X-102.31 Y-57.63 Z0.14 F1080.0 (3)
G1 X-105.7 Y-68.03 Z0.14 F1080.0 (5)
G1 X-96.84 Y-61.6 Z0.14 F1080.0 (2)
(**** end of Dual_Head_start.gcode ****)

Update: Discovered how to get rid of the little blob that I have to cut off. Found it when I upgraded to Sailfish. The trick is to go into your gCode settings, find the Fill plugin and change the thread sequence to do Loops->Perimeter->Infill. That way the first line it draws in not the outside one and the blob is hidden one layer in.

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