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Monday, August 27, 2012

Battle of the Levelers

I managed to get my build plate level enough through trial and error, but I noticed when I was printing large batches of TARDIS rings that it wasn't quite right. On the advice of Andrew Morrow I decided to buy the parts to build a leveling jig. Then I noticed there was a version that just snaps on to the print head carriage. Well that's even better!
only good for the front half
Only it's not better. It sits so far forward that you can only tell if the front half of your bed is level. Better make sure when you buy your digital indicator to buy a pack of magnets too and just make the good one
the good one
I didn't buy the magnets so I just had to hold it on. It still leveled my print bed real good. I'll stop by harbor freights to get the magnets, hopefully, before I need to level again.


  1. The story behind that is that I originally made the clip-on widget, and also quickly realized that it wouldn't be effective because it placed the indicator too far forward. Consequently, the one I finally posted to Thingiverse was for a not-so-common dial test indicator, that can effectively be 'folded' under the print heads, placing the probe right between the nozzles (but lower vertically). Later, someone created a derivative, that recreated the one I had rejected.

  2. I hope I didn't come off too critical. It's good to know that you ran into the same problem. Perhaps a comment on thingiverse to that effect so no one else ends up wasting their time (albeit only a little bit because it really is a quick print).


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