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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3D Printing Tidbit 6 - Centering your prints

I had trouble with my prints being too far to the right and too far back on the build platform. There were 2 fixes that solved this problem.

Solution 1 - Fixing the rest position.
If your makebot is doing a slide backwards before it waits to warm up (like mine did) you need to fix the start.gcode. There are several solutions. My choice is to remove the X and Y coordinates on the line that has the (move to waiting position) comment.

Solution 2 - Fixing the stored position.
Plug in your Makerbot, open ReplicatorG choosing "Machine->On Board Preferences". Fiddle with the X and Y axis offsets in the first tab and do test prints until you're satified with the orientation. Forget about the script, it doesn't work.

(I've mentioned all these things in a previous post but had a hard time finding it because I didn't use good key words. Hopefully this will help someone else find this information.)


  1. The calibration script was driving me crazy. I also have a dual extruder.... So I fixed the script, I will email it to you later today!!!... It works perfectly. You mark the dead centre of the HBP.. The script uses the currently stored center... and allows you to adjust from there. You use the right nozzle for alignment. After doing this my prints are centered exactly.


  2. Script has been uploaded to Thingiverse:



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